Nokia Jual Kamera VR OZO

Lucuk juga nih si OZO.

Tapi kamera VR ini baru dijual kuartal pertama 2016.

Dan harganya cuiii… USD 60,000??? Langsung kejang2 deh pas dirupiahin…

Ada yg beli gak ya? 😀

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Nokia Technologies announces commercial availability of OZO virtual reality camera

Designed for professional creators and shipping in Q1 2016


Los Angeles, Calif. – Nokia Technologies today announced the commercial availability of the OZO virtual reality (VR) camera at a launch event attended by members of the media and entertainment industry. Defining a new category in professional VR capture, OZO introduces to the market innovative features such as real-time VR preview, wireless operation, and full 3D 360 audio and video broadcast capabilities.

“We’re at the dawn of an exciting new medium that will transform the way people connect to stories, events, and the world around them,” said Ramzi Haidamus, president of Nokia Technologies. “OZO is a powerful tool designed for the professional creators who will answer the most exciting and intriguing questions about the possibilities for virtual reality.”

The launch event featured a live performance by the band Best Coast, broadcast in full 3D 360 VR from the roof of the iconic Capitol Records tower in Hollywood to downtown Los Angeles over Internet protocol seven miles away.

Full specifications and purchase information are available through OZO is priced at USD 60,000.


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