Alcatel Siapkan WonderBuy untuk Retailer

Mangsudnya jaringan toko yg jualan Alcatel, gituh?

Masih blom ngeh inih…

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WonderBuy will Go Online in Indonesia

On the first day of year 2016, new startup WonderBuy, an Alcatel ecommerce business, will start its cross-border B2B operation in Indonesia.

Based on its business-to-retailer (B2R) model, WonderBuy is positioned as an intelligent e-wholesaler distributing elaborately selected consumer electronics products from China to local retailers who in turn resell these digital gadgets to Indonesian consumers profitably.

Initially, WonderBuy will list high-quality smartphones such as selfie flagship Alcatel Flash 2, and accessories for sale on its online store accessible from its Android-based mobile app.

Local retailers need to submit store profile information for review and verification to join WonderBuy platform viewed as their wealth opportunity. Indonesian retailers can grow their own business by leveraging WonderBuy-delivered distribution & professional services securing fashionability, resellability and profitability.

For attracting new customers, WonderBuy will launch a series of marketing promotion programs such as tiered pricing policy, discount on first deal, free accessory offers, and customer referral reward, etc.

More information can be available from WonderBuy official website at Also, WonderBuy business managers are always ready for visiting those interested retailers if needed.


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