Happy Meal Snoopy

Buka situs McDonald’s, mau pilih menu buat delivery, eh kok liat udah ada mainan baru lagi untuk Happy Meal.

Iya. Snoopy.

Yeehaw and yikes.

Yeehaw for new series.
Yikes for I haven’s collect all recent series.

Ada yang mau ngasiin ke akuh? 😀

Periode I / 2 Februari
1 Secret Agent Code Reveal
2 Masked Marvel Launcher
3 Astronaut Launcher
4 Helicopter Rolling Stamper

Periode II / 9 Februari 2018
5 Basketball Player Snoopy
6 Joe Cool Stamper
7 Dancing Flywheel Snoopy

Periode III / 16 Februari 2018
8 Snoopy As The Flying Ace
9 Famous Author Embosser
10 Beagle Scout Light Up Torch

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