Alcatel OneTouch Luncurkan PIXI 3 8-inch

Asik nih. Tablet Alcatel OneTouch PIXI 3 8-inch. Basisnya Windows 10 dan udah 4G.

Masuk Indonesia gak ya?

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ALCATEL ONETOUCH Launches PIXI 3 8-inch Tablet with Windows 10 at CES

• 8-inch tablet offers the tablet-optimized Windows 10 Mobile
• Lightning-fast browsing and downloading with Qualcomm chipset driving 4G LTE connectivity
• Easily customizable with add-on covers and cases

CES, LAS VEGAS, January 5, 2016 – ALCATEL ONETOUCH announces the launch of its new 8-inch PIXI 3 tablet, the brand’s first tablet to offer Windows operating system. The PIXI 3 (8) will be available with a Windows 10 and features 4G LTE for fast browsing.

“With Windows 10, PIXI 3 (8) offers a tablet-friendly start screen,” said Vittorio Di Mauro, General Manager of Smart Connectivity at ALCATEL ONETOUCH. “Users can also personalize their devices the way they like with the PIXI 3’s dedicated line of accessories.”

All the Feature Users Want

PIXI 3 (8) offers Qualcomm chipset driving 4G LTE connectivity. It is perfect for fast downloading and smooth browsing. The PIXI 3 (8) also offers all the features users want: easy apps management through multiple windows and desktops; voice-call-enablement; GPS; front and rear cameras; and a quad-core processor.

A Range of Accessories

The PIXI 3 (8) has a range of accessories for users to customize their devices according to their tastes and needs. The removable Color Skin covers come in three bright colors, and the Stand Flip Case allows users to prop up the tablet for easy viewing on a desktop or counter.

PIXI 3 (8) comes in three colors: white, gold and volcano black. In addition to the Windows operating system, the tablet is also available with the newly updated Android 5.0 Lollipop. It will first be available in Europe and Latin America in April 2016.


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